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I have arrived in the Nederland’s 2 days ago and let me tell you I have never been Augmentin so cold in my life… Today was the first day I met all the girls in the team, we had a group training ride of 120km and the temperature was 5 degrees. I don’t know about all you out there reading this but I have NO IDEA how to dress to go training in temperatures like that, I had a long thermal undershirt on, a thermal jacket a vest, two pairs of gloves, knick and long knick’s over the top, bootie covers and ear warmer however this did not stop the cold seeping in under all the layers.

To make it worse we were training really hard, swapping off turns, doing sprints and I was thinking, oh give me a brake, I had just arrived and I’m doing 4hrs hard. I must say with the jet lag and the cold and a new bike it has most definitely made training hard. However we are off to Mallorca on the 22nd of Feb. so I hope the temp will be much better there -  ‘I hope’.

I will be riding a Pinarello Paris this year which is a new experience also as I have a Colonago at home. All the girls are really friendly and I am staying with a really nice couple, their names are Teun and Tyne van der Ven.

I am looking forward to the coming season. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this diary and I will write again soon.

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