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Mallorca Training Camp

What a beautiful place, the weather, the scenery and of course the people I’m with.

We left Amsterdam airport at 6.20am the 22nd of Feb. and arrived at 8:30am in Mallorca to a temperature of 19 degrees and the sun beaming down. We headed straight to the hotel and got our rooms, then we set out on the bikes for 2 hours recovery but it wasn’t recovery that’s for sure… To go anywhere from our hotel you have to climb for about 10km to get to the flat…

So far we have done 5 days of training and each day has been different, although we have had efforts everyday.

Day 1 – Arrival then 2 hours (60km)
Day 2 – Morning = 2 hours
Afternoon = 2hours with a 8km climb (110klm)
Day 3 – 4 hours with 7 power efforts (120km)
Day 4 – 4 hours with 3 sets of team tempo training (120km)
Day 5 – Recovery day. We still have another week here and I’m glad because it’s raining and cold back in Holland from what I am told.

My room!!! Well, I’m sharing with Jaccolien Wallaard and we are on the 9th floor with a balcony that looks out to the Mediterranean sea and a panoramic view of Mallorca itself, after our ride we go and get some lunch from our massage therapist’s room and then kick back on our balcony looking out to the ocean eating our lunch and watching the yacht regatta.

I haven’t quite got a grip on the Dutch language Cephalexin yet. Never the less I am trying and making a total fool of myself doing so. The language has a lot of spitting sounds that I just can’t get out and the rolling of the letters, so I have given up on trying to say Jaccolien’s name because I can never get it right… It’s now Jackie!  As for the team there are 3 Monique’s so I have given them Monique “tall”, Monique “medium” and Monique “small” which makes it a lot easier than their last names.

The team is great, we all like to have a joke and no one is too serious, so training is great fun although they love to drive it on the front when it’s their turn and if you’re suffering that day I suggest you pick who you ride next to very carefully.

I will write again about the next five days at the end of the camp, until then stay safe.

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