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Mallorca Training Camp – Part 2

I’m back in Holland now and freezing although I’m lying in bed writing this because I am totally stuffed… After the last diary entry we had some serious training.

Day 6 – Morning = 2 ½ hours with Vo2 efforts
4 x 30 sec
5 x 30 sec
4 x 30 sec
Afternoon =  1 ½ hours steady (105km)
Day 7 – 5 ½ hours
1 x 30 km climb
1 x 8 km climb (150km)
Day 8 – 4 ½ hours
20 km of team tempo
8 km climb (130km)
Day 9 – 4hours (130km)

Toady they made it race speed, so the guys got on the front and started  swapping off for 50km before we hit the climb of 8km, then we all road up at our own pace and waited at the top. On the way home we cruised for a while until we were 20km away from the hotel and then we started to swap off again, by this time everyone was nailed and people were going everywhere including me… I wasn’t very happy that’s for sure…. I got over it pretty quick though which was great.

That was our last day off training in Mallorca and our last night there, so we all went down to ‘Frankies’ bar and had a few drinks. That was good as it gave myself and all the girls a chance to speak with the guys we had trained with. You see, no one really spoke in training… The guys are pretty cool and now Emma and I have a training bunch because they all live near us, which makes life much easier. The plane trip home was a quiet one, everyone was sleeping including me. I felt like I could sleep for a week.

Today is Sunday, so I might go see a movie and just relax a little and look in the yellow pages for a physio to sort out a niggling in my knee (must have been all the climbing).

Overall the 10 days were good; I really got the chance to see people’s personalities during a training block like that Biaxin because people are tired, although we all bonded really well. Now the camp is over we start to race soon.

The 18th of March is the first race.

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