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Another Week Has Passed

Well another week has passed… What a week though – Bloody rain!!!!!

Everyday was raining and I didn’t have a wind trainer for a while so I had to go training in the rain and that was cold. Emma and I could only get out 30-40km before we froze. On Thursday I hear Emma got hyper-thermia. She didn’t go out with enough clothes for rain Lincocin and 3 degree weather so on our way home her heart rate dropped to 100bpm and mine was 150bpm because we were riding into a head wind, I thought Oh Sh…..T what do I do?????? Luckily we were only 10km away from home so she got home but the next day wasn’t so good for the both of us, we road with the boys and I think we cooked ourselves the day before.

I am now learning a lot about the cold and how to dress, I have come to the conclusion that you should just over dress and take stuff off or take a lot of spare clothes in your pockets although I have found that if you over dress you sweat to much and when you take the clothes off you are cold so better that you take spare clothes.

Today is Saturday and it was 5 degrees but NO RAIN…

So I took advantage of that and went out for 4 hours and I am totally nailed now because I had efforts to do but I swear it felt like there was a head wind any direction I went…
I reckon that with the temp, wind and rain, 4 hours here in Holland you get home feeling like you have done 6 hours in hills or something. I don’t know how to explain it.
Tomorrow if the weather is good and hopefully no rain I will do another 4 hours and efforts again, Monday easy and then I will build it up and then taper off for the race on Sunday.

Anyway have a good day.

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