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The First Race of the Season

Well the first race of the season what can I say about it??? I tasted dirt twice…. Yes that’s right twice and broke my bike.

I’ll start from the beginning of the day- I drove to the race with the team mechanic Leo in the team truck and it was pouring rain and I mean pouring… We arrived and the rained stopped and I went inside and chilled for a bit but saw everyone I haven’t seen in almost two years, this was the first road race since July 05. I got ready for the race and the roads had dried out, “thank goodness” I thought to myself, I lined up at the start line, I was about 20th on the line which was a good spot to be but when the race started the craziness began.

I was at the front and thought I’m in a good spot just cruising but then people were going crazy to be at the front and so it was a fight to be in there. At the 25km mark I was coming up the front on the outside to get away from the wind and a girl locked it up on a bit of wet road so the next thing I knew I was about to come down….. I thought ‘Oh man’! I T-boned some chick and some how I didn’t get hurt but my poor bike got hurt, it broke… Over the radio I yelled new bike, new bike and I got one but it was a size “51” and I ride a “55” so I kept going and waited for the car to come up next to me to fix it, I had to hang on to the car at 60kmph while they were putting my seat up after that I was chasing for about 20km because the road went really narrow and I couldn’t get though with all the cars.

I was about 100m off the back of the bunch about to get back on from the first crash and then Noroxin some other girl in front of me drops herself in the cross wind and then ‘WACK’ straight over the top. This time when I got up the bunch was about to go over the top of the climb and so there was no way I was getting back on…. My director drove up next to me and said to me ‘it’s not a good day for you today’ its ‘like a handicap’ race.

All I could think of when I was riding into the finish was how did this happen? My first race in 18months I crash twice, what luck I have… Oh well I guess, that’s bike racing!!!

I didn’t take off any skin really because I had that many layers on because the weather was about 3 degrees and when the race finished it started to snow, yes snow!!
So now I have to gather my thoughts and not worry too much about it. I had a 2 hour conversation with my dad and mum about it and I feel much better after them just reassuring me that these things happen, that’s bike racing and I can’t doubt myself now.

I race again next week in a crit so I will have to just stay clam and not worry about the past and focus on the future. Sometimes I think life just wants to test us and see how strong we really are, I plan on being stronger!

My boyfriend sent this quote to me today because he knew I was upset and that I doubted my capability – Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

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