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Another Week

Another week has past and it was a pretty good week with training and a race.

My week started pretty bad because I had that crash last Sunday so I was stiff and sore but quickly got better…. I trained it up this week… One day in particular I would like to mention was Wednesday – man!!! I train with the guys on Wednesdays and I did 160km with Avg speed of 31 kmph with hills, cross winds, head winds and temp of around 5 degrees… It was hard!!!

I do this every Wednesday and I’m hoping it will get easier…hahaha, but I doubt it!!

Some other cool news I have is that I bought a cool car to get around and have some freedom, the car is a Opal Corsa (Holden Barina) she goes like a treat and I have named her because I have a bit of spare time on my hands.. I am missing home a little so I combined Sydney and Cronulla together to get ‘Sydnulla’ and that’s her name, yes I know pretty lame but I miss my town. Emma and I drove to a crit on Sunday and we have some cool road trips, we make up a thermos off coffee and drink far too much on the way to race and we sing very badly to the classics… Always a bit of fun!

The race was a 60km crit, our team did great. We had 2 in the break away and myself, Emma and two other team mates in the bunch to protect them, That was hard because there was attacks left, right and center although despite that I was really happy with my race because I am starting to feel like my old self again, I was at the front the whole race and nothing fazed me… So all in all I had a good one… I finished in the bunch at the front and Monique ‘medium’ won and Liesbeth was 6th so we as a team had a good day.

I head to Italy to the national team Omnicef base on Thursday so that will be in the next entry.

Stay safe.

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