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Jet Setter

Sorry my diaries have been a little scarce over the last week or so but I have been a bit of a jet setter and a little sick also.

I flew to Italy to spend some time at the Australian Chloromycetin national team base in Verase and lucky I did as the weather in Holland turned extremely bad just after I left. While there I had some physio with Karin Stephens. I was in pretty good shape with regard to my injuries though the extra bit of attention was really great.

The training there is pretty hard because in any direction you go, it’s always up hill and coming from Holland it was a shock to the system although a good one. I stayed in a little B&B on top of a 5km climb which is a nice little recovery spin home hahaha after a nice long ride.

I got back to Holland on Wednesday the 4th and raced a club race on Thursday with the guys (hard-hard-hard!) We had an Avg. speed of 44kmph for 1 hour and covered 40km, I was quite sure what to expect because I had heard about it but had never experienced anything like it- If anyone has raced in Sydney at Heffron Park with the wind and the speed then double the conditions.

I started to get a sore throat and headaches the next day and I have been fighting a cold ever since… I also raced a 60klm crit on Monday and once again there was a break away of 10. My team mate, Monique ‘tall’ won. I felt terrible the whole race because of this cold I have but when it came to the last lap I found something and Emma did an awesome lead out for me but I got caught out and got stuck back about 15th wheel so lucky the sprint finish was a long straight, I went and ended up running 2nd in the bunch sprint and 12th overall. My teammates all got top 20 which is awesome work.

I race again this Thursday.

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