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Carbon Sports

Well I have great news….. I have been looking for a good set of wheels for some time now so I wrote to a few companies and I got a reply from Carbon Sports (Light weight wheels) offering me a sponsorship. Light weights are the best wheels on the market, they are hand made every detail is Prograf hand crafted!!! Stefan Behrens the General Manager has been fantastic in helping me out, my new wheels will be 16 spokes (carbon) in the front and 20 in the rear.

If you would like more info on the wheels, check out their website at Carbon Sports.

On to another topic beside the great wheels, I have been racing a lot however it isn’t going as well as I thought but that’s ok because it’s only early and I had already discussed with my coach Wazza that July- August are the target months and I’m training pretty hard for that.

Over the last few days I have been doing quit a bit… Today I raced a club race with men again but this time instead of finishing with the women I kept going and finished with the men just to give me that little bit extra training all up it was 4 ½ hours. Tomorrow I have 170km with the guys again but I think my legs are going to be a little sore, I hope the guys legs are too!!

Last Sunday I went into Brussels to see Nicolette (Nikki) a friend of mine from school and we cruised the streets and checked out all the tourist things, which was pretty cool to see a familiar face and friend… We caught up like girls do by exchanging our best gossip (hahahaha), unfortunately I didn’t really have any so she had to entertain me which I didn’t mind.

She is over here doing uni in Amsterdam and it sounds like fun.

Anyway I have a race Saturday and Sunday this week so I will fill you in next week about that.

Doei- aka- Bye

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