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Ok so I’m not being lazy in the diary entries, I have just been really busy racing and traveling.

I am in Italy at the moment racing with the national team and doing some training in the hills also. We had a screening camp where we see the Doc, physio and Bio mechanics.
So as you can imagine I have been flat out…

Before I flew to Italy I raced a few 1 day races with my team which was cool because my form is coming up pretty good, although I think I need to do a little sprint training but besides that it’s good. My team and I are off to China at the Stromectol end of May for a tour.

Back to what I am doing now – well in the last 2 weeks I have raced 6 times so my season has started thank goodness, I was getting a bit bored not racing. Over the last few days I had a chance to catch up with my brother, Graeme while we were both in the same place getting screening. I had bio mechanics with, Brian Maclane and not much changed with my bike except my seat went up 5 mm.

Giro de San Marino was this weekend it started with a prolog and two road stages, however I have to say there has been one bad thing coming in and racing with the girls and that is, they are all sick and just my luck I got sick and on the last day of the tour I had to pull out because I could stop coughing and I was vomiting also in the car on the way back and it wasn’t just me, Nikki also had to pull out on the 2nd day of the tour and she was 7th on GC. We got back and the doc came straight up to see me and gave me antibiotics so I have to take them till they’re all gone and hopefully I will come good.

I have to be ready for the Swiss World Cup next weekend, so I am hoping that things will start going my way…

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