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Ok so now I have been lazy in writing an entry and I don’t have an excuse for it but I am sorry.

Over the past month I have been in Italy racing with the national team, to China racing with my team and back to Australia for 6 days to see my mum and dad.
I’ll start with China, What a tour it was totally flat which suited my team being Dutchies.

My team started the tour with a win so we had the yellow (Leaders) and green (Sprint) jerseys and from then on we had to protect our teammate which made the tour very hard, all the Chinese teams were working together and it started to get very dangerous because when ever anyone from a non Asian team wanted to do anything in the bunch the Chinese teams would block the road or push you into the gutter or swing off your jersey to pull you back and the comer sires didn’t do or say Keftab anything until the last day but even that last stage was bad. There was a brake away of about 6 girls and they were all Asian and my team and the Australian national team were trying to chase them back but the Giant team and the Chinese national team with some other teams also were cutting in on us and pushing us out of the way and doing everything they could to stop us from chasing however it was getting out of control because one girl start to punch us for trying to swoop off. (Not cool) but of course nothing was done. They stayed away from us but we were chasing as hard as possible but they were putting time into us which I couldn’t understand how 6 girls could put time into 10 girls swooping off although they didn’t have people trying to knock them off doing it either.

Anyway we lost the yellow jersey which was very disappointing but 1 good thing to come out of this was that we work fantastic as a team and ended running 2nd, 9th and I was 14th and 19th on the overall so we didn’t do to bad.

After the tour I headed back Aus to see my mum and dad and it was nice to go home even if it was only 6 days however it’s better then nothing. I didn’t realise how much I missed home till I was there and knew I had to leave again, it was great to spend some time with mum and dad and just sit and chat, although the weather was extremely bad while I was there and so I had a lot of days on the ergo but its better then nothing.

I also got to see Tom which made me much happier too, its been hard on the both of us having the distance but you know what they say “distance makes the heart grow fonder” the good thing is that he is in Europe on the 22nd of June for 3 weeks so he will get to see what I do.

At the moment I am in London airport waiting for my connecting flight to Amsterdam where Emma will pick me up and then we go straight to a race on Saturday and Sunday then again Tuesday and then Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

So I will fill you in about the races in a week.


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