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In Loving Memory of a Friend

The month of July will always be a difficult month for my self and the girls I raced with in 2005, it’s a month were we remember what was taken from us in more ways than one. On this day, July 18th, we lost a friend and teammate (Amy Gillett) and yes it has been 2 years however it never gets any easier when this date comes around, for each of us 5 that survived we all have healed and progressed in different stages, some quicker than others.

Unfortunately for myself, my body hasn’t healed as fast as I expect and that is why I will be returning back to Sydney at the end of July to get myself back on track. Over the last 2 months I have been fighting sickness and my knee has been fighting me which has added a load of stress on me and I guess that has something to do with the virus I have. I have sat down with my team and explained everything and they were fantastic in understanding what was going on but before I go I will be racing with my Dutch team, the Thuringen Tour where the accident happened 2 years ago.

Those of you reading this entry I would like you to remember what happened and then think about how it made you feel when you heard Vantin and then think about how it would make you feel if it was one of your family members or friends, in this we should all understand that safety is the number 1 thing and that we can all make a difference so please be mindful of others around you and drive safe.

In loving memory of a friend and teammate Amy Gillett.

We shall never forget you and we will meet again.

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