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In Loving Memory of a Friend

The month of July will always be a difficult month for my self and the girls I raced with in 2005, it’s a month were we remember what was taken from us in more ways than one. On this day, July 18th, we lost a friend and teammate (Amy Gillett) and yes it has been 2 years however it never gets any easier when this date comes around, for each of us 5 that survived we all have healed and progressed in different stages, some quicker than others.

Unfortunately for myself, my body hasn’t healed as fast as I expect and that is why I will be returning back to Sydney at the end of July to get myself back on track. Over the last 2 months I have been fighting sickness and my knee has been fighting me which has added a load of stress on me and I guess that has something to do with the virus I have. I have sat down with my team and explained everything and they were fantastic in understanding what was going on but before I go I will be racing with my Dutch team, the Thuringen Tour where the accident happened 2 years ago. Read On »


Ok so now I have been lazy in writing an entry and I don’t have an excuse for it but I am sorry.

Over the past month I have been in Italy racing with the national team, to China racing with my team and back to Australia for 6 days to see my mum and dad.
I’ll start with China, What a tour it was totally flat which suited my team being Dutchies.

My team started the tour with a win so we had the yellow (Leaders) and green (Sprint) jerseys and from then on we had to protect our teammate which made the tour very hard, all the Chinese teams were working together and it started to get very dangerous because when ever anyone from a non Asian team wanted to do anything in the bunch the Chinese teams would block the road or push you into the gutter or swing off your jersey to pull you back and the comer sires didn’t do or say Keftab anything until the last day but even that last stage was bad. Read On »


Ok so I’m not being lazy in the diary entries, I have just been really busy racing and traveling.

I am in Italy at the moment racing with the national team and doing some training in the hills also. We had a screening camp where we see the Doc, physio and Bio mechanics.
So as you can imagine I have been flat out…

Before I flew to Italy I raced a few 1 day races with my team which was cool because my form is coming up pretty good, although I think I need to do a little sprint training but besides that it’s good. My team and I are off to China at the Stromectol end of May for a tour. Read On »

Carbon Sports

Well I have great news….. I have been looking for a good set of wheels for some time now so I wrote to a few companies and I got a reply from Carbon Sports (Light weight wheels) offering me a sponsorship. Light weights are the best wheels on the market, they are hand made every detail is Prograf hand crafted!!! Stefan Behrens the General Manager has been fantastic in helping me out, my new wheels will be 16 spokes (carbon) in the front and 20 in the rear.

If you would like more info on the wheels, check out their website at Carbon Sports.

On to another topic beside the great wheels, I have been racing a lot however it isn’t going as well as I thought but that’s ok because it’s only early and I had already discussed with my coach Wazza that July- August are the target months and I’m training pretty hard for that. Read On »

Jet Setter

Sorry my diaries have been a little scarce over the last week or so but I have been a bit of a jet setter and a little sick also.

I flew to Italy to spend some time at the Australian Chloromycetin national team base in Verase and lucky I did as the weather in Holland turned extremely bad just after I left. While there I had some physio with Karin Stephens. I was in pretty good shape with regard to my injuries though the extra bit of attention was really great.

The training there is pretty hard because in any direction you go, it’s always up hill and coming from Holland it was a shock to the system although a good one. I stayed in a little B&B on top of a 5km climb which is a nice little recovery spin home hahaha after a nice long ride. Read On »

Another Week

Another week has past and it was a pretty good week with training and a race.

My week started pretty bad because I had that crash last Sunday so I was stiff and sore but quickly got better…. I trained it up this week… One day in particular I would like to mention was Wednesday – man!!! I train with the guys on Wednesdays and I did 160km with Avg speed of 31 kmph with hills, cross winds, head winds and temp of around 5 degrees… It was hard!!!

I do this every Wednesday and I’m hoping it will get easier…hahaha, but I doubt it!! Read On »