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The First Race of the Season

Well the first race of the season what can I say about it??? I tasted dirt twice…. Yes that’s right twice and broke my bike.

I’ll start from the beginning of the day- I drove to the race with the team mechanic Leo in the team truck and it was pouring rain and I mean pouring… We arrived and the rained stopped and I went inside and chilled for a bit but saw everyone I haven’t seen in almost two years, this was the first road race since July 05. I got ready for the race and the roads had dried out, “thank goodness” I thought to myself, I lined up at the start line, I was about 20th on the line which was a good spot to be but when the race started the craziness began. Read On »

Another Week Has Passed

Well another week has passed… What a week though – Bloody rain!!!!!

Everyday was raining and I didn’t have a wind trainer for a while so I had to go training in the rain and that was cold. Emma and I could only get out 30-40km before we froze. On Thursday I hear Emma got hyper-thermia. She didn’t go out with enough clothes for rain Lincocin and 3 degree weather so on our way home her heart rate dropped to 100bpm and mine was 150bpm because we were riding into a head wind, I thought Oh Sh…..T what do I do?????? Luckily we were only 10km away from home so she got home but the next day wasn’t so good for the both of us, we road with the boys and I think we cooked ourselves the day before. Read On »

Mallorca Training Camp – Part 2

I’m back in Holland now and freezing although I’m lying in bed writing this because I am totally stuffed… After the last diary entry we had some serious training.

Day 6 – Morning = 2 ½ hours with Vo2 efforts
4 x 30 sec
5 x 30 sec
4 x 30 sec
Afternoon =  1 ½ hours steady (105km)
Day 7 – 5 ½ hours
1 x 30 km climb
1 x 8 km climb (150km)
Day 8 – 4 ½ hours
20 km of team tempo
8 km climb (130km)
Day 9 – 4hours (130km) Read On »

Mallorca Training Camp

What a beautiful place, the weather, the scenery and of course the people I’m with.

We left Amsterdam airport at 6.20am the 22nd of Feb. and arrived at 8:30am in Mallorca to a temperature of 19 degrees and the sun beaming down. We headed straight to the hotel and got our rooms, then we set out on the bikes for 2 hours recovery but it wasn’t recovery that’s for sure… To go anywhere from our hotel you have to climb for about 10km to get to the flat…

So far we have done 5 days of training and each day has been different, although we have had efforts everyday. Read On »


I have arrived in the Nederland’s 2 days ago and let me tell you I have never been Augmentin so cold in my life… Today was the first day I met all the girls in the team, we had a group training ride of 120km and the temperature was 5 degrees. I don’t know about all you out there reading this but I have NO IDEA how to dress to go training in temperatures like that, I had a long thermal undershirt on, a thermal jacket a vest, two pairs of gloves, knick and long knick’s over the top, bootie covers and ear warmer however this did not stop the cold seeping in under all the layers.

To make it worse we were training really hard, swapping off turns, doing sprints and I was thinking, oh give me a brake, I had just arrived and I’m doing 4hrs hard. I must say with the jet lag and the cold and a new bike it has most definitely made training hard. However we are off to Mallorca on the 22nd of Feb. so I hope the temp will be much better there -  ‘I hope’. Read On »

Hello world!

The first entry on the web site so here goes .. Whats been happening!!!

A brief look at January because its almost over and what a packed January I had.

I decided back in August 2006 that I wanted to start racing, so that’s what I did, I lined up for the Adelaide Crits and wasn’t that exciting – 20,000 people lined the fence.

The day was an emotional one because that was my first race since July 2005 and what Amoxil a day I picked to start racing, 46 degrees, oh yeah… Read On »